Thursday, May 1, 2014

Gushing About TRAD again...

 photo keira_zpsd74594bf.jpg
top, with PicTapGo
below, straight shot from iPhone
Recently, I've begun to play more heavily in Lightroom, and if you haven't tried Totally Rad Lab's presets - just the combination of Amped and Smack my Pix up (one the the original presets) has saved fussy, picky me hours. HOURS. But lately I am just in love again with PicTapGo - TRAD's app for iOS. PicTapGo is feature friendly, and quick to use, full of great filters, and I can dump the photos into flickr, facebook or instagram, like that. To the left is a quick shot of my niece at Easter, straight out of my phone, and then with a few of the PicTapGo filters - and in seconds. Quick and simple. Not sure that Lightroom moblie is quite there yet.

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  1. I love pictapgo and radlab! next time there's a sale I think I might try replichrome, too