Thursday, March 27, 2014

Hats off to Northwestern University football / CAPA and the NLRB...

Yesterday, NLRB released a decisive, comprehensive, and without a doubt, controversial decision: Northwestern University football players on scholarship are effectively employees of the university, and thus entitled to collective bargaining rights should they choose to unionize.  The ruling can be found in its entirety here. More importantly, to my mind, and eloquently summed up by Marc Edelman at Forbes, are the main points in the ruling that run strong counterpoint to the bulwarks of the NCAA antitrust defense, already shaky from the earlier attack in the naming litigation.

Bottom line - CAPA may have finally invited the right party to the fight. NLRB is big enough, hungry enough for the dollars and positive publicity, to weigh in here and adjust the outcome of the future of the NCAA. Speaking from my collegiate athletic experience, I firmly believe the term student athlete is an oxymoron. A select few can make it work, but the majority? no, it's not physically possible.

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