Friday, May 30, 2014

June Storyteller is up...

at both and and if you love color wheel like goodness + Storyteller kit versatility, this is the digi kit collection for you.  Here's a page:
which is a scraplift ( page inspired by ) this incredible layout by yayasi 

The new issue of Storytelling Magazine is also available - click here or on the image below:

Saturday, May 3, 2014

P&CO Blog HOP! hello...

Hello! You likely arrived here from Rachel's, and after this you go to Becca... in case you started in the middle, read on, the blog hop order is below. Having fun? what are your plans for iNSD? I'll be out and about with baseball and family but defintely will be checking in to the P&Co Forum to play later today. Would love to see what you will be making with your goodies! Have you done the Pixels and Company iNSD Designer Blog Hop and picked up this huge collab? If not, you can start here.

This is a quick page (QP), using items from the Bermuda Triangle collab, for those times when you need to just get that album DONE.
Download by clicking on the image, or click here.

The blog roll - for more great goodies (don't you just love iNSD?):

Pixels & Company
Jen H
Jennifer E.
Nettie  <--this is me
P&Co Forum

Now's the time to be picking up great goodies at these fantastic sale prices, too! Happy shopping!

Storyteller May 2014 is up and the new issue of Storytelling

the May Storyteller Collection is, well - the cut files may just make me go get a Silhouette. There are a lot of neat paper and journal card overlays that are very versatile and good mojo starters. Here's the preview:

You can browse the free edition of Storytelling Magazine for the collection here -

This is an example of some of the fun you can have with this collection:

Friday, May 2, 2014

Shannon's new kits are perfect for Disneyland albums

Shannon of Scotty Girl Design has put together several fun kits for all the areas of Disneyland! I've been struggling, personally with scrapping our Disney vacations, because, um, I'm lazy, and that's a lot of photo editing, and secondly, it's hard for me to get That One Kit to cover the whole vacation, and keep the vibrant colors of the photos that is Disneyland. These are three of them, plus pages from our Disney visits.

Shannon also has several wonderful kits good for all the Disney getting ready, out at the park and other great shots I'm sure you have - Dreams Come True is the latest, and then there is the Walt's Park  and Started by a Mouse collections.

For more tips on putting together your album, check out this post.

    Excellent kits to keep in mind this weekend for iNSD... plus...
                                     click here for a complete list of kits eligible for this deal

Happy iNSD shopping!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Happy iNSD! and it's started early!

ok, if you're like me, well, this time of year after the sun finally makes an appearance, life looks like this: baseball is going 5 days a week, Opening Day for the boating season, and the battle begins in earnest to achieve/maintain the reclaimation of the yard from moss, bugs, baseballs and weeds.

It's also iNSD - international Scrapbooking Day... and as it's well known we're all juggling, it's started early, so here we go!

There are some fantastic kits in the May DigiScrapParade... start here and wind through. If you'd like to see the whole shebang, all the previews are up on pinterest right here.

At The Lilypad (TLP), it's BYOC time and iNSD and they're having the Pick Your Prize from each designer as well. The iNSD forum is here. May's BYOC - love the colors! To the left is a page with Just Jaimee's and Valorie Wibbens May BYOC goodies... Jaimee's Storyteller May 2014 Digital Collection is also coming!

This is at Pixels and Company:

  • 35% off sitewide sale Thurs May 1-Sun May 4.
  • $25 order gets 40% off, $40 gets 45%, and $50 get 50%.
  • The Big Payoff contest runs daily Thursday-Sunday (4 winners). 
  • Dream Cart contest runs Thursday-Sunday (1 winner).

Gushing About TRAD again...

 photo keira_zpsd74594bf.jpg
top, with PicTapGo
below, straight shot from iPhone
Recently, I've begun to play more heavily in Lightroom, and if you haven't tried Totally Rad Lab's presets - just the combination of Amped and Smack my Pix up (one the the original presets) has saved fussy, picky me hours. HOURS. But lately I am just in love again with PicTapGo - TRAD's app for iOS. PicTapGo is feature friendly, and quick to use, full of great filters, and I can dump the photos into flickr, facebook or instagram, like that. To the left is a quick shot of my niece at Easter, straight out of my phone, and then with a few of the PicTapGo filters - and in seconds. Quick and simple. Not sure that Lightroom moblie is quite there yet.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Jaimee made this....

Storytelling Magazine

as a source of inspiration - and it's fantastic. Full of tips and tricks and scads of pages made by Jamiee's team from the Storyteller April 2014 Digital Collection, both for pocket style layouts and scrapbook memory pages. The clipper bits in the collection are pure time savers - even mojo revivers - and then there's the vellum style...

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Hats off to Northwestern University football / CAPA and the NLRB...

Yesterday, NLRB released a decisive, comprehensive, and without a doubt, controversial decision: Northwestern University football players on scholarship are effectively employees of the university, and thus entitled to collective bargaining rights should they choose to unionize.  The ruling can be found in its entirety here. More importantly, to my mind, and eloquently summed up by Marc Edelman at Forbes, are the main points in the ruling that run strong counterpoint to the bulwarks of the NCAA antitrust defense, already shaky from the earlier attack in the naming litigation.

Bottom line - CAPA may have finally invited the right party to the fight. NLRB is big enough, hungry enough for the dollars and positive publicity, to weigh in here and adjust the outcome of the future of the NCAA. Speaking from my collegiate athletic experience, I firmly believe the term student athlete is an oxymoron. A select few can make it work, but the majority? no, it's not physically possible.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines!

Got crafty, with LOTS of help: Heather's templates,  Jaimee's
paper, Lauren's cookies... and please, what the above look
like isn't the fault of the designer but the mechanic involved...
who somehow is tinting everything rosy red too.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Liebovitz's take on Disney...

these are so cool... artistic interpretation on some of the model choices.. Bridges as the Beast? but awesome shots as always...
You can watch the video on the making at Disney here...

Friday, February 7, 2014

Dance Your Dance - February Build Your Own Collection (BYOC) at The Lilypad...

Dance Your Dance elements and papers by Just Jaimee... 20% off this weekend...

Storyteller February 2014 has journal card and photo templates...

in 3x4, 4x6 sizes, plus squares of fun stuff, great word art, and an incredible two page spread 12x12" template (24x12) ... sloooowly dipping my toe into the pocket scrapbooking / week / month / big deal / Becky Higgins' Project Life type memory keeping - the above is with creashen's Dailies template.

If I can do this, you can. 
Plus, think of all the kits you could use with the journal card templates!
This is the last weekend to save with the newsletter discount on the collection price.

I Love You to the Moon and Back...

Just Jaimee's contribution to Daily Digi collection for February... really fun kit with great printable journal cards and Jaimee's great stamps...

Gennifer's Julep is on sale...

during the Pixels and Company birthday sale... go take a peek. Good stuffs.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Just Jaimee February 2014 Storyteller Digital Scrapbooking Collection now available at The Lilypad... full collection is here

Digi Scrap Parade!!

Lovely, lovely new kit - and a chance to find some designers you may not know as well as you should yet perhaps... start here at the Digi Scrap Parade if you get lost...