Wednesday, February 3, 2010

update on the Olympics situation . . . and a chance to win!

For some of you who were aware - our housing for our long awaited and much hoped for visit to the Vancouver 2010 games fell through at the last minute - but we were able to find a place to stay - PtL! - not on Whistler - because as we all know I simply cannot spend money That Freely - going rate is in excess of $1200/night right now - (but oh, wouldn't it be nice to have that problem sometime? Lord? maybe?) nor quite frankly do I have it to spend - but anyway, Big Sweetie and I are headed up while T@2 exhausts his watchers. WHoo Hoo!

Just read in the paper this morning about several scams already uncovered - this isn't a scam, per se, but unfortunate: apparently whether or not the Norwegian Star, a cruise ship, will or will not be able to berth at Vancouver is not set - some people already booked suites months ago for $1500/night and this week they were going for $275/night with food provided - sounded a bit too good to be true for me, and hopefully for those booked it won't be . . . but they will not find out for certain until at least Friday!

Claire, a.k.a. shades of bliss, incredibly gifted scrapper extraordinare, has generously offered up a gift certificate for the Songbird Avenue Haiti kit - all you have to do is comment on the MSA forum here for a chance to win . . . good luck!


  1. oooh that sounds like FUN! And what a once in a lifetime opportunity! :)

  2. How freaking cool! You guys will have SO much fun!

  3. Oh wow! That sounds so fun, Nettie! So glad you got the accommodations set!!