Thursday, January 14, 2010


Just spent part of the morning - between playing cars with my son and the various and sundry parts that come with being a mama and general COO of the house - attempting to catch up with the world, and read some detailed pieces on Haiti. Mercy. That poor, and i'm not being Southern now, country has faced more devastation in the past 15 years between hurricanes, flooding, violent storms, and now this - a crippling earthquake - than they are equipped to handle given their rampant, unchecked poverty.

I'm crunching numbers to squeeze our budget to figure out our number to send aid, and really encourage y'all to do so too. These are hurting, hungry, poor people who need help. Here are some great organizations:

American Red Cross


  1. What a great post Nettie!!! I just cannot believe all of the heartbreak :(

  2. Good for you for wanting to give back Nettie! It is such an awful thing. :( My heart breaks for those over there. :(

  3. So true Nettie. I too will follow your inspiration and see what we might can do to help as every little bit adds up to a lot to those in need.

  4. Great suggestions, hon. It really is a terrible situation.