Monday, November 16, 2009

25 Days of Templates...

Tiffany Tillman to the rescue ... of my stalled Daily December album! i love Ali Edwards, she inspires me to no end, but i am not her. i do not have, in toto, the creativity that exists in her right pinky. i can however, follow directions, read a map, am good with a plan. frankly i need one. am quite lost without one. Thus, my stalled Daily December album.

Tiffany is doing a guided class - with videos for those of us whom are visually motivated - and templates, and prompts, and a drop dead gorgeous kit by paislee press designs! - and then it's all on us. And of course our day to day challenges, but that's scrap material, right?

Here's the info, and more can be found on Tiff's blog:

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