Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Link to cards at Songbird Avenue...

Here are the cards at Songbird Avenue, and if you are like me, you are anxiously awaiting your favorite photog to get back to you with your prints so you can get your cards out! (i still have visions of being snowbound last year and crafting really crazy artistic structures of macaroni noodles, glue and paint to entertain family and friends, as my procrastination in combo with the weather kept my holiday shopping off until January!)


They're all ready for your pictures, and you're supporting Toys for Tots. Good Deal.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fee's new Christmas Kit: Jolly Folly...

has more of her fabulous "baubles" or wondrous hanging ornaments... preview is linked to the store below, and click on the page for full credits... fun kit!


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Christmas Cards and a Toys In the Attic reminder...

hey, look at that! thanksgiving in the US is next week... 2009 is flying out the door soon and so is this kit, so get it while you can:

and some of the lovely CT ladies will be putting up some Christmas cards ready to go, just need your photos and such, with goodies from the kit - there are some examples below, and Jan should put them up soon:

4x8 front and back - formatted for Vistaprint:
front - PNG file:
back - JPEG file for your newsletter:

Postcard size (4.25 in x 5.5 in):

5x7 in size, with and without text, text is shown below:

3x5 in size - formatted for shutterfly.com notecards:

so please, head over to Songbird Avenue, treat yourself to this kit and know you are also helping out Toys for Tots! bonus, eh?

Monday, November 16, 2009

25 Days of Templates...

Tiffany Tillman to the rescue ... of my stalled Daily December album! i love Ali Edwards, she inspires me to no end, but i am not her. i do not have, in toto, the creativity that exists in her right pinky. i can however, follow directions, read a map, am good with a plan. frankly i need one. am quite lost without one. Thus, my stalled Daily December album.

Tiffany is doing a guided class - with videos for those of us whom are visually motivated - and templates, and prompts, and a drop dead gorgeous kit by paislee press designs! - and then it's all on us. And of course our day to day challenges, but that's scrap material, right?

Here's the info, and more can be found on Tiff's blog:

Monday, November 9, 2009

Simply Sweet Magazine...

has a new issue out - Oh Baby! and it is precious... so many great tips on scrapping or journaling and keeping the memories of firsts, be it for babies or fur babies or first anythings. This magazine keeps on getting better and better! Here's a link and shot of the cover:


and a page inspired by the magazine, click on the image for full credits...

Friday, November 6, 2009

iNSD weekend is here...

yiyiyi... wheesh ... is the sound of Thomas the Train and me trying to decide how to budget and still take advantage of all these fab-u-lous sales going on!

Here's what i've found so far:

My Four Hens Photography: All actions 50% off! Holy cow, Sarah! Hugs and Kisses! 11/6-7. Run over there now. Sarah rocks. I use her actions and Cheryl Muhr's nearly exclusively.

After 5 Designs: 30% off storewide - but definitely do the blog hop to your favorite designers over there for extra goodness

Catscrap: 30% off storewide - and who doesn't love them some creashens? and she's collab'in' again with Kristen Rice! bonus! Plus Lizzy Reiber makes her designing debut!

Scrapbookgraphics: disc. differs by designer, but personally, I'm loading up on WendyZine goodies to get rollin' on getting more digi layouts actually onto paper...

Lily-Pad: new BYOC, Designs by Lili is home at the Pad, and disc. differs by product

Plus I'm sure there's more to come, as um, it's not even iNSD day proper yet....

Sneak Peeks for Sweet Shoppe 11.07.09 ...

yummy goodness coming your way from Misty and Julie :

girly treat from Fee:

and hold on to your socks, what a kit to be grateful for from Lauren Reid, Misty Cato, and Dani Mogstad - one mighty fab trio I'd love to see collab again, because this was one smooooth kit to worth with, a complete easy delight:

Monday, November 2, 2009

Daily Digi: Fee!

one of the neatest scrap designers in all digi-land (and I'm not just sayin' that
'cause I'm on her team) Fee Jardine is in the spotlight over on the Daily Digi today... y'all need to go over there and check it out! You'll learn more about Fee, her neat designs, and there might be a great coupon or something wink-wink...

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Songbird Avenue: Toys In The Attic

i was recently granted the tremendous honor to join the creative team of Songbird Avenue. Jan and Meredith of Songbird Avenue have a wonderful idea - combining scrapbooking and charity. Each month, a different designer or group of designers, gets together with Meredith, Jan, Janet Phillips, and collabs to spin out one fantastic kit - with the proceeds being donated to charity, the choice of that month's guest designer.

This month the charity is Toys for Tots, and the kit is Toys in the Attic , and it is huge, and just the thing ahead of Christmas:


it is so much fun to play with!


so hop on over there, know that you are making some poor child smile just when s/he needs to, and also get to enjoy this fab-u-lous kit to help you ring in and get ready for the holidays!