Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy iNSD!

Happy iNSD (inter-National Scrapbooking Day) and whoo boy! have the stores turned on the sales! lots of fun goodies out there...

Some of my had to haves were at After 5 Designs, the Farmers Market at Scrap Orchard (who can turn down a $1 sale? - though that scavenger hunt kicked my booty, Mel!), Shabby Pickle (again $1), and Studio WendyZine at ScrapbookGraphics because I Will Print Out Layouts This Year.

The presale at WST was the best! thank you Deann and Patrick! and the goody collab from the LilyPad were worth budgeting and waiting patiently for NSD for my backlogged stockpile wishlist of TLP wonderfulness. Joanna and Creashens Green kit at CatScrap - well it's definitely my splurge... but look, isn't it just gorgeous?




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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog over the NSD weekend! For taking the time to comment, I'd like to offer you a coupon for 50% off any of my (ah! Designs) full kits. The code is nsdBLOG and it is good through May.

    Hope you had a wonderful NSD!